Manufacturer of highly realistic Silicone breast forms with life like nipples, natural droop and mobility at affordable prices.

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realistic post mastectomy breast forms
 Realistic breast forms

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silicone flesh seat cushion
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silicone flesh cushion

Silicone Flesh Cushion
Silicone “Sitzfleisch” ,
(flesh for sitting)  

When it comes to cushioning, healthy human soft tissue is nature’s unequaled solution for utmost sitting comfort.

However, nature has not considered that we might be spending most of our day in an office chair...

natural cushioning
silicone flesh cushion, click for larger view

Therefore, we at Exsil have made considerable R&D efforts to come up with a high strength, durable silicone polymer that resembles almost perfectly human flesh.
Now we can make seat cushions that are like a natural extension of your own body.

Silicone polymer is the only organic-inorganic material known to man, which can efficiently mimic human soft tissue.

typical work place

Do you have to spend most of your work day seated in an office chair?


lower back pain

Do you suffer from lower
back ache when working in your office?

neck pain

Do you experience neck pain after working on your computer for a while?


There are pathological causes for these back and neck- pains, which should always be taken care of by your doctor.

However, if you are a generally healthy person, but still experience nagging pains and sores when sitting in your office chair for most of your daily activities,
  may just be needing a little extra“Sitzfleisch”, (flesh for sitting).


As one secretary says:

 For me, the typical thinly-padded office chair is like a torture device- it cuts off circulation to my legs and makes my lower back and bladder ache.”

Here is what the newest silicone technology can do for you to reestablish a feeling of wellness even while sitting for endless hours....

Take a seat and let yourself overwhelm by this immediate sensation of the ultimate sitting comfort:
                       Silicone flesh cushion the only
                    cushioning solution next best to nature itself

After you use Silicone flesh cushion bleachers stadium seat for the very first time, you won’t want to miss it any more and you will carry it with you, to your office, to the stadium and back home.

Silicone flesh cushion is the extra volume of flesh cushion you need for extended comfortable sitting periods. It works as if it was a natural extension of your own body flesh. silicone flesh cushion, click for larger view

The incredible feeling of seating comfort will greatly enhance your mood and feeling of wellness, thereby increasing significantly your daily productivity and highten your joy at the baseball stadium.        Silicone flesh cushion is contained in a convenient leather or fabric carry 
                     casing for protection, ... exclusive appearance...and transportation

carry casing leather

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Silicone flesh cushion 

Why silicone?

Common seat and wheelchair cushion materials are well known. These are generally plastic materials such as closed and open cell Polyurethane and Polyethylene foams, specially designed cushion elements and casings which may contain gels, liquids or gases, as well as textile fibers, micro fibers and the like..

While all of these materials fulfill the purpose for which they were designed, they cannot resemble the most effective natural cushion material that has been provided by nature itself: 
Human soft tissue.

Over decades, only silicone has proven to mimic effectively the characteristics of human soft tissue, which is why it is the material of choice both for external post mastectomy breast forms, as well as for breast implants.

Exsil has been manufacturing silicone breast forms and breast enhancers for over a decade.
With Silicone flesh cushion
we have succeeded to modify silicone polymer to the necessary level of mechanical strength and durability so as to make it the perfect solution for most efficient sitting comfort.


Size: 30 cm x 40 cm

Thickness overall: 4 cm silicone flesh, 2 cm

Support for silicone flesh cushion: PUR high densitiy agglomerate

Outer skin of

wheelchair, a favorite benefit, click for larger view

fabric casings options, click for larger view


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